Kimi no chikaku

Subbed by Wordhuntering

Close to You
Composer: Mea
Vocal: GUMI


手を伸ばせば届く距離 君の近く
恥ずかしくて 話しかけられないみたい
気づけばそういつの間にか 目で追ってた
思い浮かぶ爽やかな 君の笑顔

手につかないよ 私のバカ!

笑顔練習して ウィンク欠かさないの

振り返れば届く距離 君の近く
気持ちがもう バレない様見てないふり
惹きつけられてくような 君の瞳

赤くなっていく 私の頬

笑顔練習して ウィンク可愛くほら

とっておきに可愛くね 笑うから

おしゃれして君を待つよ ドキドキして


笑顔で迎えた時間 まっすぐほら
「あなたが好きです」と今 やっと言えた



te o nobaseba todoku kyori kimi no chikaku
hazukashikute hanashikakerarenai mitai
kizukeba sō itsunomanika me de otteta
omoiukabu sawayakana kimi no egao

nani o shite itemo kimi bakari de
te ni tsukanai yo watashi no baka!

egao renshūshite winku kakasanai no
kondo koso kimi ni furimuite morau no

furikaereba todoku kyori kimi no chikaku
kimochi ga mō barenai yō mitenai furi
ninkimono de akarukute yasashii kimi
hikitsukerareteku yōna kimi no hitomi

nani o shite itemo kagayaiteru
akaku natte yuku watashi no hō

egao renshūshite winku kawaiku hora
kondo koso kimi ni furimuite morau no

kimi dake ni miseru egao renshūshita no
totteokini kawaiku ne warau kara

oinorishite negau no umaku iku yō
oshareshite kimi o matsu yo dokidokishite

yūki o dashite kakugosuru mune no kodō
kyō koso wa kimi ni tsutaerareru yōni

egao de mukaeta jikan massugu hora
“anata ga suki desu” to ima yatto ieta

te o tsunaide fureru kyori kimi no chikaku
hazukashikute hanashikakerarenai mitai


Please do not use this translation for English subbing. Thank you for your understanding.

You’re so close, right within arm’s reach,
but I’m so shy that I can’t strike up a conversation.
I’ve somehow developed a habit of following you with my eyes,
and I can always conjure your cheerful smile in my mind.

I’m always thinking about you,
unable to focus on anything. What a dummy!

I’m practicing smiling, not forgetting to add a wink.
I’m definitely going to make you look my way.

You’re so close, right within my field of vision,
but I have to pretend not to see you, so that you won’t figure out how I feel.
You’re so cheerful, friendly, and well-liked by everyone;
your eyes seem to exert an irresistible pull on me.

You always look so bright, whatever you do,
and I can’t seem to stop blushing.

I’ll practice smiling, adding a cute wink, too.
I’m definitely going to make you look my way.

I’ve been practicing a special smile for you.
Prepare yourself for my super cute smile, okay?

I’ll pray with all my heart that it’ll go well,
then I’ll dress myself up and wait for you, with my heart racing all the while.

I’ll gather all of my courage to prepare my heart,
‘cos I really want to let you know how I feel.

The moment has come. Armed with my smile, I won’t waver this time.
“I really like you.” There, I’ve finally said it.

You’re so close, I could almost reach out and hold your hand,
but I’m so shy that I can’t strike up a conversation.


7 thoughts on “Kimi no chikaku

  1. raineydayparade says:

    Love the art, surprised I didn’t notice it on NND but apparently it’s completely untagged, surprised nico doesn’t have a notification like “you forgot to pick a category” or something lol


    • The uploader apparently had someone compose the song for their radio channel (?), so maybe they aren’t too familiar with the categories XD; The tags are all like “I tried having someone compose the music,” “I tried having someone write the lyrics,” “I tried having someone drawing the illustration.”


      • raineydayparade says:

        That’s cool :’D LOL yeah even with the english layout there are some weird tags, like something called “That…thing” for weirder/more inappropriate vids even though there’s also an r-18 tag too lol


          • raineydayparade says:

            Yeah it’s a shame it’s limited to like 10, then again ppl would prolly spam it too much if it was unlimited XD; although it’d be nice for the uploader to add on extra tags themselves XD; though who knows maybe one day that’ll be a premium only thing, 5 extra tags though i don’t think it’d help much b/c ppl either browse or search specific names so having something like a couple lyrics as tags, ppl wouldn’t search for but IDK maybe they’ll find some other ways to advertise their vid more


            • Yeah, it’s kind of restricted. I feel like the search function on YT works better, but I do like how NND has established tags that are like common knowledge among the fans. Maybe if they changed the more common tags, like VOCALOID, Miku original songs, utattemita etc. into categories, that’d free up more space for other tags.


              • raineydayparade says:

                Yeah some tags when you enter have like a red marking/coloring next to them making them official or whatever like “sub” or “translation_request” but even if you add tags that aren’t ‘recognized’ or whatever it should still show up if you search that particular word (idk if you could search words that are in a description that’s not tagged but i assume they’d pick the most common tags for the first five locked tags an uploader gets)


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