Rabbit Step

Subbed by Wordhuntering

Composer: KAI
Vocal: Yuzuki Yukari



最初はいつも 不安なものさ
誰だっていつも 失敗は怖い

見上げているだけじゃ 太陽には 届かない
だから跳ぶんだ 空を目指して
小さくて 大きな 一歩を刻もう

大地を蹴って 空を目指す

出会いはいつも 不思議なものさ
目標はいつも はるかかなたで

恐れているだけじゃ あの空には 昇れない
だから飛ぶんだ 光を目指して
大丈夫 心の翼は 灼かれやしない

空を駆けて 光を目指す

優しい光 大地を包む

夢を繋いで 希望導く


akogare o mune ni daite
mezasu sora ni hikaru ano sugata

saisho wa itsumo fuanna mono sa
yumemiru dake ja tadoritsukanai
dare datte itsumo shippai wa kowai
ushiro o muitecha susumenai kara

miagete iru dake ja taiyō ni wa todokanai
dakara tobun da sora o mezashite
chiisakute ōkina ippo o kizamō

“akogare ni ima te o nobasun da”
usagi wa ryōashi ni chikara o kometa
daichi o kette sora o mezasu
idaina ashiato o nokoshite

deai wa itsumo fushigina mono sa
yume o kasaneru nakama to no en
mokuhyō wa itsumo haruka kanata de
mae ni susumu yo mō mayowanai kara

osorete iru dake ja ano sora ni wa noborenai
dakara tobun da hikari o mezashite
daijōbu kokoro no tsubasa wa yakare ya shinai

“akogareta senaka ga mieta yo”
usagi wa ushinawareta tsubasa torimodoshi
sora o kakete hikari o mezasu
kibō no kiseki o egaite

“akogareta sora ni iru yo”
usagi wa hikari no naka de hohoenda
yasashii hikari daichi o tsutsumu
nijiiro no utagoe ga hibiku

akogare o mune ni daita
mezasu sora de hikaru sono sugata
yume o tsunaide kibō michibiku
sora de utau usagi no kiseki


Please do not use this translation for English subbing. Thank you for your understanding.

Clutching my yearning to my heart,
I long to become like that, shining so brightly in the sky.

The beginning is always full of uncertainties.
Dreaming alone won’t get you anywhere.
Everyone is scared of failure,
but you can’t make any progress if you keep looking behind.

If I do nothing but look up, I won’t ever reach the sun,
so I’m gonna jump, aiming for the sky.
I’ll take one tiny, yet giant step.

“I’m going to make my dream come true.”
The rabbit put all of her strength in her legs,
kicking the earth, aiming for the sky,
leaving behind awe-inspiring footsteps.

Fate works in such mysterious ways,
bringing you together with those who share your dreams.
My goal is always so far away in the distance.
I’m going to move forward, no longer hesitating.

If I do nothing but cower in fear, I’ll never reach that sky,
so I’m gonna fly, aiming for the light.
It’ll be okay. The wings of my heart can’t possibly be burned.

“I’ve caught up with the person I admire.”
Having regained her lost wings,
the rabbit soars through the sky, aiming for the light,
leaving behind a trail of hopes.

“I’m now in the sky, where I’ve always wanted to be.”
The rabbit smiled as she was surrounded with light—
gentle light that envelops the earth
in a voice singing all the colors of the rainbow.

Clutching my yearning to my heart,
I long to become like that, shining so brightly in the sky.
Connecting dream, guiding hopes—
the path of the rabbit singing in the sky.


3 thoughts on “Rabbit Step

  1. raineydayparade says:

    Pretty thumbnail. I guess everyone associates rabbit w/ Yukari the most though it’d be cool to get a rabbit eared vocaloid/voice synth as well :’D


      • raineydayparade says:

        LOL yeah. I’m surprised there’s not like someone’s “divine diva” version of all the space-themed girl ‘loids lol. Maybe there will be after Uni(verse) and Xing Chen (Stardust) comes out though that’ll be difficult w/ the diff languages but you never know


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