Subbed by Wordhuntering

Composer: TaKa
Vocal: Megurine Luka

記憶の果て 壊れた意識の中
天国より深いセカイ 今見せてあげる

現実主義のせい? 迷子のその想い

きっと忘れかけてた光 胸に抱いて

少しの勇気 握りしめたなら今

難しい言葉より 抱きしめてよWimp



At last, I found you.
You have only your wing.
It’s only your ability.
There is no feared thing.
fly away!

今 広い広い空に夢描いて


saigo ni mita keshiki wa anata ga ita aoi sora
kioku no hate kowareta ishiki no naka
sokubakusareta jiyū nante ketobashite
tengoku yori fukai sekai ima misete ageru

genjitsu shugi no sei? maigo no sono omoi
tobikoeru hodo no tsubasa ni kaete

kono hiroi hiroi sora ni yume egaite
tomatta toki mo ugokidasu yo
kitto wasurekaketeta hikari mune ni daite
mienai asu mo shinjite itai ne

dareka ni hokoreru mono nante nannimo nai shi
dareka o mamoreru hodo tsuyoku mo nai kedo
sukoshi no yūki nigirishimeta nara ima
kamisama mo todokanai basho e tsurete itte

muzukashii kotoba yori dakishimete yo Wimp
hiraku kagi wa kitto anata dakara

ano takai takai sora ni kibō egakeba
“gomen ne” datte ieru no kana?
kitto tōi yōna mirai mo tōku nakute
sugu soko de temaneki shite iru wa

sagashite ita… anata o…

At last, I found you.
You have only your wing.
It’s only your ability.
There is no feared thing.
fly away!

ima hiroi hiroi sora ni yume egaite
“arigatō”tte sakende mita
sotto megurimeguru toki to hajimete no sekai
te o nobaseba anata ni mo
sukoshizutsu anata e to
sukoshizutsu chikazuite iru yo


Please do not use this translation for English subbing. Thank you for your understanding.

The last scene I saw was of the blue sky, with you in it.
That’s the deepest part of my memory, within my broken consciousness.
I don’t need this restrained freedom;
I’m going to show you a world deeper than heaven.

Is it because I’m such a realist? I’ll turn those confused feelings
into a pair of wings that shall let me fly over every hurdle.

I’ll paint my dreams onto this big, big sky,
and the stopped time shall start moving once more.
Holding close to my heart the light I’d almost forgotten,
I wish to believe in the unknowable future, too.

I don’t have anything to be proud of;
neither am I strong enough to protect anyone,
but I just need a little courage, gripped tightly in my hands,
to take you to a place that even the gods can’t reach.

I don’t need any complicated words. Just hold me, you wimp.
I know for sure that you’re the key to open that door.

If I painted my hopes onto that clear, clear sky,
would I finally be able to say “I’m sorry”?
Even the seemingly distant future would not be so distant anymore, I’m sure.
It’s right there, beckoning us over.

I’ve been looking… for you…

At last, I found you.
You have only your wing.
It’s only your ability.
There is no feared thing.
fly away!

Now, I’ve painted my dreams onto the big, big sky,
and I’ve said my word of thanks at the top of my lungs.
Within the slowly self-repeating time, and in this brand new world,
I just need to stretch out my hand,
and little by little, I’m getting closer,
little by little, to where you are.


2 thoughts on “Re;ALIVE

  1. raineydayparade says:

    I like the PV~ I think a handful of these artists should like be fashion designers or sell sketches of their clothing ideas to a shop, I’d love to wear some of the stuff I’ve seen not necessarily as cosplay


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