Sekai no owari no saisho no uta

Subbed by TheBlackCero

begin the world again (Official English title)
Music: Babuchan
Lyrics: uota
Vocal: Hatsune Miku


ひとり 置き去られた朝 霧の中
探しても 探しても
黒い雨の中 望む影は無いね

たどる たどる 夢の光
なぞる なぞる 指の痛み

巡る星は明らかに 煙る森は静かに
消える月は密かに 君を取り戻しにゆくんだ


消える月は密かに 夜に花が咲いていたよ

高く 高く 黒く澄んだ夜の果て

終われ 終われ 世界よ


hitori okizarareta asa kiri no naka
sagashitemo sagashitemo
kuroi ame no naka nozomu kage wa nai ne

tadoru tadoru yume no hikari
nazoru nazoru yubi no itami

meguru hoshi wa akiraka ni keburu mori wa shizuka ni
kieru tsuki wa hisoka ni kimi o torimodoshi ni yukun da

shikitsumerareta garasudama
fumitsukeru hadashi no shita

karin, karin, yonderu ne
kieru tsuki wa hisoka ni yoru ni hana ga saite ita yo

takaku takaku kuroku sunda yoru no hate

oware oware sekai yo


On the morning when I was abandoned in the thick mist,
I tried and tried to look for it,
but the shadow I long for is nowhere to be found in the pitch black rain.

I follow and follow the light in my dream,
as I trace the shape of the pain in my fingers.

Clearly, the revolving stars; quietly, the smoky forest;
secretly, the vanishing moon—they’re coming to take you back.

Beneath my bare feet, I tread upon
a bed of glass marbles.

Crunch, crunch, they’re calling out.
Ever so secretly, the moon vanishes, while flowers were blooming in the night.

High, high above, at the ends of the darkly clear night.

Please be over, just be over, oh wretched world.

5 thoughts on “Sekai no owari no saisho no uta

  1. raineydayparade says:

    haha wasn’t expecting a babuchan translation from you, his stuff is pretty dark or your preferences right? (well this in particular is more sad/serious :’D)


    • You got me there; this was TheBlackCero’s pick XD; This wasn’t too horror-esque, but the blood and the doll in the PV scared me a little :’D


      • raineydayparade says:

        Stay away from ‘mother of pearl bones’ then XD; i know ppl would go like “blasphemy!” for me saying this but i prefer most of babuchan’s stuff over kikuo’s actually XD; but i’m not super into darker/horror songs myself, i like them but i pretty have an overall taste within vocaloid XD


        • Thanks for the warning XD; For me, some of the dark/heavy-themed songs could be interesting, as long as the graphics aren’t super scary :’D


          • raineydayparade says:

            Haha well i don’t really remember if it was super scary but it’s definitely more horror-ish than dark compared to this song XD; one person did a nice eng cover of it though but i like utaite/youtaite translyrics XD


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