About Me

This blog is where I post my lyrics translations, mainly of VOCALOID and UTAU songs. I took up translating song lyrics mostly because of my fondness for poetic language, and I wasn’t quite planning on taking requests at first, but somehow they started coming, and I’ve been taking requests since then. Until March 1st, 2016, when I had to make certain choices due to an unexpected incident.

I have been very fortunate that there are people who are kindly offering me their help, namely Wordhuntering and TheBlackCero, who are taking care of all the subbing for my YouTube channel, as well as MBurger, who is helping me with some of the preliminary work on the translating side. Previously, Vervain also helped me with subbing. I am grateful for all of their help.

Below are my personal policies regarding the usage of my translation:

  1. Attribution: In all cases where my translations are used, please put my full pseudonym (Hazuki no Yume) as the source, as well as a link to the relevant post on my blog. If you are using the subbed videos on my channel, please include the name of the subber (if the videos were not subbed by me) in addition to my name, as well as a link to the relevant video on my channel.
  2. Cross-posting: My translations may be cross-posted on communal websites, i.e. on various wikia’s. My translations may not be reproduced on personal blogs or websites. However, partial quotation is fine.
  3. Retranslations: Although this is not ideal, my translations may be retranslated into other languages. This also applies to translyrics. On the other hand, I cannot share the sub files for the videos on my channel. Furthermore, please do not use the videos on my channel for resubbing in other languages (this applies to both hardsubs and softsubs with closed caption).
  4. Covers: My translations (and the subbed videos on my channel) may be used for subbing personal covers. What this means is: if you are making a cover of the song yourself (be it a vocal or a VOCALOID/UTAU cover), you may use my translations. If it is someone else’s covers, my translations may not be used.
  5. Subbing: My translations may be used to sub the original NND videos on NND, which were uploaded by the creators themselves. In all other cases, my translations may not be used to produce subbed videos.